FCC Action Alert - Contact Your Legislator Today!

We now face one of the greatest emergencies in Florida’s modern history. Our prized and supposedly well-protected rivers and springs are "sick" from pollution and in need of restoration and protection by our state agencies and a Legislature that shares our citizens' concerns and determination to correct the current abuses of negligence.” These are the words of Nathaniel Reed and myself in a recent guest column in the Orlando Sentinel and in the Tampa Bay Times. As Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC) members, members of affiliate organizations, and concerned citizens of Florida we need your help to remind our representatives in Tallahassee that Florida’s water and natural resources sustain our economy and quality of life and define who we are as Floridians.

The upcoming 2013 legislative session will be a critical juncture in the movement to protect and restore our natural resources. Already, many bills that will define the future of Florida’s environment have been written. Our State legislators will more likely act to protect our environment if they know that concerned Floridians are paying attention to how they perform and will hold them accountable.

The FCC is comprised of over 50 environmental organizations and over 1,000 dedicated individuals.  There is no membership fee to join and the FCC has never solicited a donation. 

The FCC has asked little, but we are asking you now to contribute to our mutual mission by contacting your local legislators and sharing with them your passion and concern for protecting Florida’s environment.  Attached for your information and use (and to leave with legislators, if you wish) are 8 key FCC principles for environmental stewardship.  Please give us a summary of your visit with legislators and their comments and concerns.     

The legislative session starts March 5, so now is the time to act.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact Ryan Smart, Director of Operations, at rsmart@floridaconservationcoalition.org.

Best regards,

Bob Graham

FCC Chairman