FCC Legislative Alert I, HB 639

As you know, our initial priority, here at the FCC is to protect regional water management in Florida, its funding, local sources first, and to maintain Florida's water as a public resource to be allocated by the Water Management Districts on behalf of all Floridians in a manner prescribed by the statute, 373.  HB 379 allows holders of Consumptive Use Permits, (without regard as to who they are) to send their cleaned up domestic wastewater to whomever they want at whatever price they can negotiate.  These can be private or public holders of permits and treatment plants. Several years ago we all made fun of ENRON's desire to buy up water in Florida and said that could never happen here.  This is the toe in the door. Although conservationists have always supported the reuse of treated wastewater and we support making that as unbureaucratic as possible, we cannot be party to any legislation that allows the buying and selling of water in our state. The City of Tampa is at the heart of this damaging legislation.  Please write Representative Dana Young  at once and let her know that her bill, HB 639 needs amending to take away the privatization provision of her legislation.  Here is some more information on the bill.