Zero Dollars for Florida Forever in House Budget

The Governor’s budget has $15 million for Florida Forever, which is good news because he zeroed it out last year, but the house budget which was released today, has zero funding for it. Land acquisition, with a proud history going back to the early 1970's, has been Florida’s most powerful and effective tool in protecting our most environmentally sensitive and valuable lands. Our record is unmatched anywhere in the world.  Our acquisitions have accomplished a great deal, but much remains to be done to save the very best of our beautiful state.  Our continued commitment to conservation will ensure that future generations can enjoy the “Real Florida”.
The budget will be taken up by the Appropriations Committee on Wednesday February 1, 2012.   The budget bill reference is PCB APC 12-01. Please contact the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Denise Grimsley and other members of the committee, listed below to let them know that Florida Forever must be funded.   

 Please note that there will likely be a conference committee, and some of these folks may serve on that:
  Dorworth, Chris [R]  Vice Chair,Chestnut IV, Charles S. "Chuck" [D]  Democratic Ranking MemberAubuchon, Gary [R], Bembry, Leonard L. [D]Coley, Marti [R]Glorioso, Richard "Rich" [R]Hooper Ed [R]Horner, Mike [R]Hudson, Matt [R]Hukill, Dorothy L. [R]Jones, Mia L. [D]Kiar, Martin David "Marty" [D]Kreegel, Paige [R] McKeel, Seth [R], O'Toole, H. Marlene [R], Porth, Ari Abraham [D]Proctor, William L. "Bill" [R], Rouson, Darryl Ervin [D]Sands, Franklin [D],Saunders, Ron [D]Schenck, Robert C. "Rob" [R]Snyder, William D. [R]  and Williams, Trudi K. [R].