Request Increased Funding for Florida Forever

Dear Friends,

The vast majority of voters in Florida’s 2014 election, 4,238,739 people (74.96%), voted for the Water and Land Conservation Amendment (Amendment 1). The people believed this would help protect Florida and its future by acquiring the most precious remaining natural places in our state. The 2016 Legislature, however, recently agreed on a budget contrary to the will of the people that will provide only very little money to the Florida Forever land acquisition program statewide.

We have two simple requests:

To conservation organizations throughout the state: Ask your members to call or write their legislators and request that they fund Florida Forever at a minimum of $300 million in 2016 and every year throughout the duration of Amendment 1.

To everyone: Call or write to your legislators and ask them to allocate at least $300 million from the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to the Florida Forever program for 2016 and beyond. Then ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. You can find your legislators here and their contact information here. To use our template, click here or copy our language here.

Your Governor and Legislature didn’t listen to you last year and they’re not listening now.

Time is of the essence. The Legislature will vote to finalize the budget this Friday, March 11th. Please act quickly.


Bob Graham

Founder and Chairman, Florida Conservation Coalition