Support Sen. Altman's Amendment to Increase Florida Forever Funding

Dear FCC Members, 
Tomorrow the Florida Senate will consider Florida’s 2016-2017 state budget. The current budget includes only $22.3 million for the acquisition of vital conservation lands through the highly successful Florida Forever program. At a time when Florida’s population is exploding, it is essential that our state protect its most important natural lands and waters by acquiring these lands outright or by purchasing conservation easements which prevent future development. 
The Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC) is advocating for the Legislature to return to the traditional $300 million allocation for Florida Forever, only a tiny fraction of which has been funded in recent years. To our dismay, this trend continued even after nearly 75% of those who voted in the 2014 election supported Amendment 1 to guarantee long-term funding for land acquisition. 
But there is good news; Senator Thad Altman has filed an amendment to the budget which would bond the funds currently appropriated for Florida Forever. If adopted, Senator Altman’s amendment would authorize $222.6 million in bond proceeds from the Florida Forever Trust Fund for land acquisition through the Florida Forever program, bringing the total allocation for Florida Forever closer to the FCC’s goal. 
We need your help to make sure this important amendment is adopted tomorrow.

Please call or email your Senator today and ask them to support Sen. Altman’s amendment restoring much needed funding for Florida Forever. To use our template, click here or see this attachment.