Congressman Gaetz' Town Hall

Sierra Club Florida and the other FCC Steering Committee members requested we alert you to the following:

Tomorrow, February 23rd, at 7:00 pm, U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz will hold a town hall meeting for his constituents at Oops Alley (3721 US-90) in Pace, Florida. Freshman Congressman Matt Gaetz, from Northwest Florida, sponsored legislation that would completely abolish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you live in Congressman Gaetz' district, please consider attending tomorrow evening's town hall to express your opposition to any effort that would eliminate the vital protections the EPA provides all Floridians. If you go, we recommend bringing your ID and arriving by 6:00 PM CST in order to find seating.

Below are some talking points you might find helpful in expressing your support for the EPA at the town hall meeting or in private communication to Congressman Gaetz:

  • Please withdraw HR 861, which would eliminate the EPA.
  • Without the EPA, cleaning up Superfund sites that threatened drinking water supplies in Northwest Florida would have been impossible.
  • The EPA is an essential part of our government that was founded with bipartisan support and remains popular across the country.
  • Having states manage environmental issues alone is unsatisfactory as pollutants travel across state, and even country, lines.
  • States do not have the capacity to provide all necessary environmental protections. For example, even the EPA struggles to analyze the potential effects of chemicals as new chemicals and chemical combinations are produced by industry. Developing standards based on such analysis is an arduous process best undertaken centrally.
  • The EPA develops regulation for pesticides which not only protects our individual health, but also the safety and reputation of our agricultural products.
  • The EPA provides financial assistance for environmental programs in Florida.

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