URGENT: Call Now to Save Florida Forever!

Dear Friend,

Tomorrow we have an opportunity to help fulfill the intent of the 75% of Florida voters in the 2014 election who supported Amendment 1, but we need your assistance!
Florida voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment 1 with the primary purpose of restoring funding to Florida’s landmark conservation and recreation land acquisition programs, including Florida Forever. Unfortunately, the Florida Legislature has ignored the will of the people and refused to allocate meaningful funding to land conservation through Florida Forever, Florida Communities Trust, and the Rural and Family Lands program.
The Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC) has been working to honor your voice and fight back! As you know, the FCC’s Member Organizations have approved a position statement asking the Legislature to statutorily guarantee that a minimum of 25% of Land Acquisition Trust Fund (Amendment 1) dollars go to the Florida Forever and Florida Communities Trust programs annually.
Today Senator Stewart heard our calls and filed an amendment to SB 234 (a bill she co-introduced) to guarantee just that!
SB 234, sponsored by Senator Bradley, will be heard on the Senate Floor tomorrow, and we need your help!
Please make a quick call to Senator Bradley and your senator before noon tomorrow to let them know that you support Senator Stewart’s amendment to SB 234, barcode 466492, allocating a minimum of 25% of Land Acquisition Trust Fund dollars annually to the Florida Forever and Florida Communities Trust programs. If no one can answer your call, please leave a message.
Senator Bradley’s phone number is (850) 487 – 5005. You can find your senator's contact information here.
If you can’t make a call, please send an email to Senator Bradley and your senator instead. Click the button below to customize and send your message. Don’t forget to add your senator’s email address to the recipient list!

Email Senator Bradley and Your Senator

Your calls and emails do make a difference! Thank you so much for speaking up for Florida!
Gladys Delgadillo
FCC Administrator

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