Last Chance for Land Conservation!

Dear Friend,

The Florida House and Senate adopted budget proposals which both lack meaningful funding for land conservation – but there’s still time to make a difference! The House and Senate are going into final negotiations before sending a budget to the Governor. This is our last chance to speak up for Florida’s remaining natural and working landscapes!
The House and Senate have appointed budget conferees to negotiate the specific allocations in the 2017-2018 budget. Among the issues they will be deciding is the amount of funding for Florida Forever. We have provided contact information for some of the conferees responsible for land conservation funding decisions below. Please call these legislators to let them know how important land conservation is to you! Check out the FCC’s Florida Forever Talking Points if you need some inspiration.
Let the conferees know you support statutorily guaranteed annual funding for Florida Forever projects on the ARC list and for Florida Communities Trust. These programs deserve a minimum of 25% of the funds in the Land Acquisition Trust Fund (LATF) - approximately $160 million this year. Please also let them know you support additional funding for the Rural and Family Lands program.


Name                       Phone Number

Sen. Rob Bradley       (850) 487 - 5005

Sen. Lauren Book       (850) 487 - 5032

Sen. Jack Latvala        (850) 487 - 5016

Rep. Ben Albritton       (850) 717 - 5056

Rep. Charlie Stone       (850) 717 - 5022

Next, please send an email to the full list of conferees responsible for land conservation allocations. Click the button below to customize and send your message.

Email the conferees responsible for land conservation allocations

We must protect environmentally sensitive lands for our air, water, wildlife, climate, economy, and quality of life – we must protect environmentally sensitive lands for our future! Florida Forever, Florida Communities Trust, and the Rural and Family Lands programs have been successful in conserving land for future generations, and with your help we can fully fund these programs for years to come.
Thank you for fighting with us.

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