We Need Your Calls NOW! Speak Up for Florida Forever!

Dear Friend,
Conserving environmentally sensitive lands before they’re lost forever to development is essential to maintaining our way of life, our water supply, our native wildlife, and our economy. We have been asking the Legislature for years to dedicate meaningful funding to our land conservation programs, and now we have another important opportunity to make our voices heard.
Florida House and Senate leaders are meeting to agree on a funding allocation for the state’s premier land conservation program, Florida Forever. Please call the following House leaders NOW and tell them you support the Senate’s proposal of $154 million for Florida Forever in the 2018-2019 fiscal year. If you have limited time, please prioritize the legislators in bold.

Budget Conferees


House Speaker: Richard Corcoran   (850) 717 - 5000

House Appropriations Chair: Carlos Trujillo   (850) 717 - 5105

Rep. Ben Albritton   (850) 717 - 5056

Rep. Matt Caldwell   (850) 717 - 5079

Rep. Holly Raschein   (850) 717 - 5120

Rep. Loranne Ausley   (850) 717 - 5009

Rep. Chuck Clemons   (850) 717 - 5021

Rep. Ben Diamond   (850) 717 - 5068

Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen   (850) 717 - 5078

Rep. Tom Goodson   (850) 717 - 5051

Rep. Shawn Harrison   (850) 717 - 5063

Rep. Patrick Henry   (850) 717 - 5026

Rep. Kristin Jacobs   (850) 717 - 5096

Rep. Rick Roth   (850) 717 - 5085

Rep. Emily Slosberg   (850) 717 - 5091

Rep. Charlie Stone   (850) 717 - 5022

Rep. Clovis Watson   (850) 717 - 5020

Rep. Jayer Williamson   (850) 717 - 5003

This year is the Legislature’s chance to start making up for the lost year, last year, when Florida Forever received $0. House leaders need to hear that their constituents want the largest share of funds in the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to be dedicated annually for land conservation, approximately $300 million this year. They need to hear that you support the Senate’s budget offer of $154 million for Florida Forever as a positive step in the right direction, and that standing by this proposal is the least they can do for Florida’s environment. Urge budget conferees to fight for as much money as possible for Florida’s natural and working landscapes. Don’t hesitate to leave a message, or to call every day until the Legislature arrives at an agreement.
Your voice matters, and Florida’s wildlife and wild places are counting on you.
Thank you for your time.
Gladys Delgadillo
FCC Administrator

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