FCC News Brief - November 29, 2016

Brad Rogers writes for the Ocala Star Banner - “Yeah, heard it all before in too many studies to count. Then comes Adam Putnam…with this admonition: ‘Water is Florida’s golden goose, and we must ensure that we have a reliable, abundant and clean supply of water now and for future generations…’ That from a guy who helped water down a massive water bill that started out strong until Putnam’s big business and big ag buddies got hold of it…Yet the Florida Legislature and…our local governing boards…refuse to implement new regulations. Regulations requiring, not just suggesting, water conservation efforts, from low-flow irrigation systems to Florida-Friendly landscaping to mandatory reclaimed water access. We get it - regulation is a dirty word. But out of water is far, far worse…[T]he people of Florida get it. They keep approving initiatives like Amendment One and Florida Forever…The problem is our elected officials listen to the special interests and their lobbyists…”  Read Something new, something old about Fla.’s water
Tom Palmer reports for News Chief – “1000 Friends of Florida has recently organized a series of webinars to advance a serious discussion about the choices residents and state and local officials should consider if Florida is going to have a sustainable water future…[T]he section of the region around Orlando that includes Polk county has nearly tapped out the aquifer…[A]ny good plan needs to keep in mind the environment’s water needs…Florida officials must seriously rethink the way they permit and plan development related water demand…[T]wo new concepts recommended…deserve consideration. One is establishing conservation goals, water budgets and water use monitoring strategies prior to the approval of new development. Another is updating the building code…to require indoor and outdoor water efficiency standards for new construction and major remodeling…[T]his is an addition to more familiar measures aimed at improving landscaping and irrigation practices…but with an emphasis on conducting more public outreach and doing more to professionalize irrigation contracting. In Polk county, it seems the recently formed Polk County Water Cooperative can play a role here.” Read Florida’s water shortage problem is not going to go away
Jim Ash reports for WFSU – “Senate President Joe Negron wants the state to build a $2.4 billion reservoir…despite House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s call for budget cuts…[T]here isn’t much in Speaker…Corcoran’s history to suggest there’s room for compromise…Corcoran wants to start cutting now to fill a major shortfall predicted for next year.” Read Negron: Austerity Budget has Room for a Reservoir
Susan Salisbury reports for the Palm Beach Post – “[T]he US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Army Corps of Engineers…issued a final environmental impact report on two nuclear units proposed south of Miami…Now [CitizensAllied for Safe Energy] has asked for a chance to challenge that [report] in a petition filed…with the NRC. [The group] states…, ‘The impact of injecting toxic chemicals and…radwaste laden water from the reactors directly into the boulder zone was not fully evaluated in the EIS.’” Read Citizens group seeks hearing on Turkey Point 6 and 7 nuclear plans
Melissa Nelson Gabriel reports for the Pensacola News Journal – “A new land deal is designed to buffer Whiting Field Naval Air Station from new neighborhoods and businesses in fast-growing northern Santa Rosa County. The agreement…adds 626 acres to Blackwater State Forest…” Read New land deal win-win for Whiting, community
Jeremy Diamond reports for CNN – “President-elect Donald Trump conceded…there is ‘some connectivity’ between human activity and climate change and wavered on whether he would pull the United States out of international accords aimed at combating the phenomenon…” Read Trump admits ‘some connectivity’ between climate change and human activity
Evan Halper reports for the Los Angeles Times – “[F]ew things on Trump’s confrontational agenda put him more quickly on a collision course with the rest of the world, much of his own country and even some in his own party than his stated desire to abandon the fight against global warming…‘ Donald Trump will be about the only head of state who does not believe in climate science or the responsibility of his government to act,’ send Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club…Major US trading partners that signed on to the nearly 200 nation accord reached in Paris… are already signaling that they will retaliate if the United States backs out, possibly by slapping environmental trade tarrifs on to some American products. Bailing on the deal could also increase the influence of China…Generous federal tax credits for wind and solar production have provided an economic boost to states red and blue alike. Republican Sen. Charles E Grassley of Iowa put Trump on notice, saying this year that only ‘over my dead body’ would Congress allow a repeal of the wind tax credits Trump has proposed eliminating.” Read Trump seems ready to fight the world on climate change. But he’s likely to meet resistance.
Thomas L. Friedman writes for the New York Times – “Doral will be your first (golf) course threatened by global warming, because parts of Miami are already flooding due to sea-level rise…A majority of immigrants flooding Europe today are not coming from Syria or Iraq. Three-quarters are from arid zones in central Africa, where the combination of climate change and runaway population growth are making small-scale farming unsustainable…You can’t ignore climate change and think you have an immigration policy…And as the climate physicist Joe Romm put it to me, do you really want to risk ‘going down in history as the man who killed the world’s last, best chance to avoid catastrophic warming?’…Hal Harvey…notes…, ‘…[A] clean future now costs less then a dirty one.’…Is your strategy to keep America addicted to coal and scuttle our lead in clean tech – which is destined to become the next great global export industry and is already spawning good blue-collar jobs -  so we can an import clean energy systems from India and China?” Read Donald Trump, Help Heal the Planet’s Climate Change Problem




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URGENT: Reschedule the Lake Pickett North Development Hearing!

Prevent the Loss of One of Florida’s Most Popular National Wildlife Refuges

Tell Congress to Stop Sabal Trail

Stop New Phosphate Strip Mining in Florida

Stop the Division of Herky Huffman/Bull Creek WMA 2016

Now or Neverglades Declaration

Ask the SFWMD to deny the permit for the Crosstown Parkway that cuts through TWO State Preserves

Save the Econlockhatchee River!

Ask County Commissions to Pass Bear-Friendly Trash Ordinances

Stop the Port Canaveral Rail Extension Project

Ask the USACE to reject Harbor Sound application to fill wetlands

Paynes Prairie in danger

Save the Biggest Wetland Mitigation Bank in the U . S . A . from Development

Deny Beruff’s Mitigation Bank Permit

Help Florida Become a “Pay for Shade” state


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