Friend, the FCC needs YOUR support

Dear Friend,
In 2011 I brought together Florida’s finest environmental advocates and most powerful conservation organizations to form the Florida Conservation Coalition. Since then, the FCC has organized Florida’s environmental community, hosted major events across the state, influenced legislation in Tallahassee, and educated thousands of readers about the latest environmental news.
For the first time in the 7 years the FCC has been operating, I must ask for your help. If you value the work the FCC is doing, please consider donating to our efforts. More than 90% of all donations will go directly toward staffing the Coalition’s work.
FCC organizing and collaboration is producing results. We came together to help pass the Water and Land Conservation Amendment in 2014 and this year our efforts resulted in a $101 million allocation for Florida’s famed land conservation programs, the largest appropriation since the 2008-2009 fiscal year. We’re already talking about how we can build on this year’s progress to accomplish more next year. The truth is, however, the FCC cannot continue without your support.
The FCC operates on a shoe-string budget. We employ only one staff member and benefit from the voluntary contributions of our Steering Committee’s time and talent. Every donation, no matter how small, will help us continue the fight to protect Florida’s lands, waters, and wildlife. Please donate today.
Thank you in advance,

Bob Graham

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