Privatization of Public Lands

Privatization of Public Lands (HB 1103 Representative Goodson and SB 1362 Senator Hays):  Representative Goodson states that this bill does not change the boundary between public and private ownership in favor of the upland owner.  He is WRONG.  This bill moves the ownership of public waters on freshwater bodies from the ordinary high water line to the ordinary water line which is the lower level.  This is only a clarification according to the bill sponsor,  but in reality the experts say that it will give upland owners a windfall of up to half a million acres. This is land used by you to hunt, fish, picnic and camp.  Your traditional uses of shorelines and portions of water which are open a good part of the year along Florida lakes and rivers might get you arrested for trespassing if this bill passes. 
We all owe the Florida Wildlife Federation “a big" thanks for alerting outdoor recreational users about this bill.  These users have been enthusiastically responding. Please keep it up.  The house bill goes to the Civil Justice Subcommittee next and although the agenda is not available yet, the committee meets this coming Tuesday, January 31 at 8:00.  The chair is Representative Eric Eisnaugle from Orlando. He needs to hear from you as do the other committee members:
Metz, Larry [R]  Vice ChairSteinberg, Richard L. [D]  Democratic RankingAbruzzo, Joseph [D], Bernard, Mack [D]Gaetz, Matt [R],Hager, Bill [R]Harrison, Shawn [R]Kiar, Martin David "Marty" [D]Oliva, Jose R. [R]Passidomo, Kathleen C. [R]Plakon, Scott [R]Soto, Darren [D]Stargel, Kelli [R],and Weinstein, Michael B. "Mike" [R]