Action Alert: Tell Florida Leaders to Finish the Job; Restore Funding for Florida Forever

Dear Friend,
We told you we weren't giving up on securing meaningful funding to protect natural and working lands essential to our environment and economy. We meant it. It is likely the Legislature will convene for special session in the next few weeks to address issues unresolved during the 2017 regular session. On May 30th, the Florida Conservation Coalition sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott, Speaker Richard Corcoran, and Senate President Joe Negron requesting that any proclamation convening a special session of the Florida Legislature include restoring funding for Florida Forever priority projects, the Florida Communities Trust Program, and the Rural and Family Lands Protection Program. The 2018 budget proposed by the Florida House and Senate includes no funding for the first two of these programs, and only $10 million for the last.

Please call Governor Scott, President Negron, and Speaker Corcoran now to request they include land conservation funding on any special session to-do list.

NamePhone Number

Governor Rick Scott   (850) 488 - 4441

President Joe Negron   (772) 219 - 1665

Speaker Richard Corcoran   (813) 792 - 5177

It is likely that Governor Scott will veto hundreds of millions of dollars in the 2017-18 state budget. To honor the will of Florida voters, the Florida Legislature should dedicate the first $300 million vetoed by Governor Scott to restoring funding to Florida Forever.

Florida's renowned land conservation programs are at risk of running out of funds. We don't have time to lose. Florida's population is growing rapidly, development is encroaching on Florida's natural and working lands daily, and the cost of land will only increase. The time to conserve land to preserve our state's agricultural heritage, protect our state's water supply, and maintain Florida's biodiversity is now.

Show Florida's political leaders you will not give up on protecting environmentally sensitive lands. Call Governor Scott, President Negron, and Speaker Corcoran and ask them to add restoring funding to Florida's land conservation programs to any proclamation for a special session.

Thank you for standing with us!


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